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Ashridge R.P.C

formed as a club in 2014

Ashridge R.P.C at the Central Ward Residents & Sport Club

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We formed as a club in 2014 with the permission of the then secretary, to erect a small club hut at the rear of the car park. All the members levied £50 each for the materials and our secretary, namely Terry Goodsell, was a carpenter among many other skills carried out 95% of the works to construct the hut. A very solid and neat job he did too! The club was previously stationed in Mitcham and was previously known as Wimbledon DHS, one of the oldest Pigeon Racing clubs in London (about 150 years old) but due to the purchase of the land, this was disbanded in 2013.

The racing season starts at the beginning of April every year and the season finishes in September. The season is split in to two halves. The first half, is where we race the older and more mature birds. These will race as far as Penzance and Sennen Cove in Cornwall. This is Approx. 260 miles as the crow flies. In the second half of the season some of the members continue to race in the national and international races. This includes racing against France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Poland etc. This can include racing as far as Barcelona in Spain, which for our members, 700 odd miles as the crow flies and the birds will normally take around 2 days to get home, of course stopping for rest. We were the top club in the federation in 2018 and also top club in 2019.

Also, in the second half of the season which runs from the end of July to September, is for racing the youngsters. They are trained and nurtured for their first year. The pigeons start to moult heavily in September and racing has to stop for the year.

When we enter the birds to race, we have a betting system where money is placed on the birds that are favourites to win, just like horse racing. The young bird’s races are around 100 miles and they take around 2 hours to get home. Champion Pigeons are now brought for anything up to 1 million pounds.

Last but not least, I would just like to say a very big thank you to the two wonderful kind hearted people for sponsoring our club with two wonderful silver trophy cups that we race for every year. They are Steve Of Monad Engineering and Brian Wilkes of Wilkes Scaffolding and also thank you to the lovely members of The Central Ward for your help and kindness.